Preston Locke

Watch your eyes.


Picture says: CLERICS: Since when do they have to be nice?

Name: Preston Locke

Race: Human

Class: Wind Monk


Strength: 15

Dexterity: 18

Constitution: 15

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 13

Appearance: 12

Weapons: Fist/air.

Armor (clothing): Age 25. Stands 5’10” He has black hair with shocking green eyes. Wears white Equilibrium Cleric clothing, I’ll draw him or something… maybe.

Special Abilities:

Air Fusion: With a snap of his fingers Locke is able to fuse two or more air molecules in the location of his choice, causing a massive release of heat and energy. This ability is not extremely powerful, however will grow in intensity as Locke does.

Air Javelin: Shoots a thick, deadly spear made of pure wind out of his palm. This technique can be downgraded if need be.

Air Speed: Uses the wind to push himself quickly. Works in pretty much any direction, but gravity would decrease effectiveness in the up department. Also nice for dodging.

Contact Pressure: Locke can force immense air pressure onto anything he touches. Able to snap bones or squeeze out eyes.

Storm: Create an isolated gale of flying air needles that rip at a person from random directions.

Vacuum: Opening his palm, Locke can force all air out of an isolated area. Perhaps an entire room, or maybe just in your face, causing a large CRACK when the air rushes in. This decrease in ambient pressure will cause blood to boil, cuts to form and what not.

Money: Like… 1000 gold.


Five years ago Locke was a talented good monk, specializing in the wind element. At the age of 20 he was lucky enough to become engaged to his beautiful girlfriend. But one day while out on a picnic she was brutally murdered before him by a rouge Beholder. Being helpless to fend off the beast, Locke was driven a tad bit insane. He is now fairly selfishly evil. He hates love, and will do most anything to cause his own pain to other happy couples. He has also acquired the odd psychological compulsion of devouring the eyes of anyone or anything he kills, and will become extremely agitated if not able to do so.

Preston Locke

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