The manifestation of all humanity's misdeeds and evils.


Name: Unknown

Race: “Blood Shadow”

Class: N/A

Home: None

Affiliation: Herself (aka none)


STR: 15

DEX: 16

CON: 14

INT: 11

WIS: 17

APP: 16

Weapons: She currently has no weapons available to her, other than herself. However, if given anything she would find she is very apt with a short knife or dagger of sorts.

Armor: She wears whatever clothes are given to her, although she does not use or rely on her clothes for armor of any sort. If having to choose clothing attire, she believes clothes that allow her to move easily are best and she is especially fond of deep sanguine colors or deep royal purples. However, she’s apt to change her mind as quickly as any indecisive woman on a shopping trip as well so her tastes change often.

Special Abilities:

1.) Blood Magic (Fledgling Stage) – While her natural affinity for flesh and blood is not nearly refined yet, she already is showing signs of control. She can sense blood and in a way it senses her, and as if pulling strings she can have some range of control over blood in general. Only minor control, but yet with enough willpower she can bend others to her will, literally.

2.) Blood Magic 2 – While she does not need blood or flesh to sustain herself, she thrives off of it none the less for the pure physical bliss it gives her. Blood is arousing to her- even more so when there’s overwhelming amounts of it. On this note, through eating flesh or tasting blood she can boost her abilities- usually her movement or her already heightened senses.

3.) Shapeshifting (Fledgling Stage) – She can alter her appearance and eventually with understanding and realization of ability, she will be able to morph her flesh into any form. For now however, her form must be human in appearance- but she can modify things such as height, hair color, skin color, eyes etc. A few alterations as well, but only a basic human-like form.

4.) Predatory Instincts – Her senses are heightened- especially her sense of smell and sight. This is doubly true if what she is trying to sense is bleeding or exudes any odor- such as an animal or humanoid. Smell is potent in living things. As for her sense of sight, she’s good at judging a creature by sight- she notices a slight dilation of the eyes, the subtle swallow of fear etc. This makes it hard to lie to her.

5.) Darkened Desire – While able to change her form to suit anyone’s tastes, she also has an almost “siren-like” quality to her voice. She can lure people to her with soothing words, subtle undertones and hints. Note: This is not to control people against their will to do things for her, but rather to will them to come to her or do things with her and let their guard down.

Money: None. She doesn’t have a penny to her name…

Vehicle: None.

Theme song:



The Chronicles of Baltranon: Dark Tide Naia