He stood before the monstrosity….only protected by the metal that had covered his very skin for thousands of years. Xanatos came alone as agreed upon, the armies of mortals just beyond the mountains behind him, unable to come to his aid should Gorne proceed to act on the instinct of deception…the fleshy skin of the dark one moving in concert…he was a mass of flesh and blood his head a giant skull in the middle as he walked towards Xanatos in legs made of the flesh of giants, those who had fallen long ago in an earlier atrocity.

“You are stupid…mortal…” He spoke in a thousand voices….all of them capable of ripping flesh from bone to a mere mortal…Xanatos’s cloak burned instantly as he spoke, as he stood protected by the armor of Legatus, the first of his kind, “I come alone as agreed upon and the blood of my armies has been gathered….the contract is finished….we need only to sign, demon.”

Gorne laughed, again, as inside his armor Xantos’s ears began to bleed, even his armor could not protect him from some serious injury of just being in the dark ones presence.”I will keep…my…bargain mortal!” he yells, the flesh moving like snakes across his massive fleshy body as he rolls out the scroll of the contract, made from the bodies of the gathered dead, Xanatos recognizing many of them, his emotions hidden by the metallic flesh of the magical ancient enchanted armor, his Edi-Ceem…his livelihood….as a single Roc feather floated to his hand and he dipped it in the gathered blood, and then signed his name at the bottom of the contract…..”It….is....finished.” Gorne spoke.

Xanatos felt his lung explode in his chest…his armor the only thing keeping him from falling…he couldn’t linger but he had to watch Gorne put it into his coffin…and the demon lord rolled up the scroll and laid it within, “In ten thousand years Baltranon is mine…..” and that shattered Xanatos’s leg….as the demon lord opened a portal back to the dark hellish outer worlds….where he ruled unchallenged….and then like that….he was gone. Xanatos cast a spell to hurriedly rush his body back to the camp of the legions of the Army of Light….for he was dying.

Time moved, life went on, the war was over….and the one thing that was in everyones mind at the time was forgotten by all save one and five thousand years passed as the world went on and the stories of the supposed contract of Gorne at the crystal sea became myth and legend and bed time stories to scare children….and that brings us to the beginning of our current story….in the city of Carthul, human capital of Robian, named after the greedy king of Robian who changed the name from Alluvia. A rotten town with a rotten people as debauchery and crime is rampant on the streets. The country of Seopo the city is based in, is not much better.

This is a fantasy Setting campaign based on a world of the author’s creation.

Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Were-people, Halflings, Drow, Syn, Draconian, Muls.

Classes: Fighters, Monks, Psions, Blood caster, Barbarian, Assassin, Druid, Paladin, Blade Singer.

The Chronicles of Baltranon: Dark Tide

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