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Rules: A home rules d20 system.

Six stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence and Cumliness (how good you look).

Almost exclusively uses the d20 and d100 die rolls. Where in normal D&D you want to roll high for attacks and the like, in this version the lower, the better for casting, attacks, dodging etc.

Also there are no hit points. I use a hit location system. * Hit Location table. * 1-10: Hands and Feet 11-20: Shins knees and thighs 21-30: Crotch hips, butt, lower stomach. 31-40: Abdomen, back and rips. 41-50: Chest area. 51-60: Upper arms. 61-70: Lower arms. 71-80: Shoulders and neck. 81-90: Mouth, jaw and chin. 91-100: Upper part of the head, eyes, nose, forehead, cranium, ears etc.

Special numbers: 69-Crotch. 50-Heart. 100-Right between the eyes.


d20-used for attacks, casting, investigation, everything, the lower the number the more likely you are to succeed as combat and situations are based on percentages rather then how hard you hit or do something.

d-100: For charts, such as loot and types of loot, and the hit location system after making an attack. Also used to gauge NPC reactions based on the role play of players when interacting with npcs. During adventuring/travel players will roll a d100 each in which the DM adds all the numbers up and divides them in half to decide the intensity of the coming events, on a d100 roll of this caliber the lower the rolls the worse types of events will occur.

Loot Tables Metals: * Cloth: 1-10 Leather: 11-20 Chain: 21-30 Iron: 31-40 Titanium: 41-50 Plate: 51-60 Carbon Plate: 61-70 Mithril Chain: 71-80 Mithril Plate: 81-90 Blood: 91-100

Armor Types* Sky: 1-10 Earth: 11-20 Water: 21-30 Summoning: 31-40 Combat Enhancing: 41-50 Power Focusing: 51-60 Elemental: 61-70 Arcane: 71-80 Psionic: 81-90 Blood: 91-100

Weapon Types Sharpened: 1-10 Air: 11-20 Water: 21-30 Fire: 31-40 Earth: 41-50 Psionic: 51-60 Arcane: 61-70 Unbreakable: 71-80 Holy: 81-90 Blood: 91-100

Weapons 1-10: Small blades and Whips 11-20: Swords 21-30: Axes 31-40: Pole Arms 41-50: Two Handed Swords 51-60: Two Handed Axes 61-70: Maces 71-80: Throwing and Shooting 81-90: Special 91-100: Blood

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